$10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who killed Rhoni Reuter

Marni Yang

WMP Justice Review Case

Marni Yang is currently serving a life sentence in Illinois for a murder she did not commit. The WMP Justice Review team has been investigating the death of Rhoni Reuter for the past 4 years. They have uncovered scientific evidence of Marni’s innocence. Attorney Jed Stone is requesting that the conviction of Marni Yang be overturned based on new evidence of actual innocence and ineffective assistance of counsel.


Facts Over Fiction

  • Marni Yang was at her home in Chicago, Illinois at the time of the murder;
  • The car depicted on the Shell gas station video tape is NOT the car previously rented by Marni Yang;
  • Marni Yang was NOT in possession of a 9m gun at the time of the murder;
  • The alleged pregnancy bracelet is NOT known to have been owned by Rhoni Reuter and does not contain her DNA;
  • Marni Yang did NOT purchase items to create a silencer – a silencer was not used in the shooting;
  • Rhoni Reuter was NOT a romantic rival to Marni Yang;
  • Marni Yang is approximately 11” too short to have fired the bullets that killed Rhoni Reuter;
  • Male DNA found on unspent rounds at the murder scene does NOT match Marni Yang;
  • Unidentified finger print on Rhoni Reuter’s door does NOT match Marni Yang;
  • Alibis for individuals closest to Rhoni Reuter have NOT been verified.

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My Mom Marni

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Two Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Officers entered the room. They introduced themselves and then the first thing they asked each of us was the most shocking question we could ever imagine.


In just a short time we all realized that the answer was irrelevant. The Task Force had already decided that our mom, Marni Yang, a hard-working single mother of three, was their target and they would do whatever it took to make her appear guilty, but first, they had to turn us against our mother.

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Memory of Marni

$10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who killed Rhoni Reuter