About Marni

Marni Yang was a single mother of three, who worked several jobs to keep her children in a nice home. She was involved in her children’s extracurricular activities and opened her home to the friends of her children to keep them off the streets and out of the local gang activity.

Marni often rescued unwanted and hurt animals. Witnesses tell of the time Marni threw herself in front of a truck to grab a dog that was about to get hit. She once climbed out on her roof to feed a family of raccoons and took in a pit bull that was doomed to be a bait dog.

A failed marriage left Marni hurt and scarred, she did not seek to re-marry and decided to keep the men she dated at a distance, often breaking up with them if things became too serious or they began pressuring her for a commitment.

Marni has never spoken publicly about her arrest and conviction as she is a private person who never seeks the limelight. Her silence has created many critics and the public has been left to assume that the media coverage of her case is correct. Nothing could be further from the truth and Marni will now speak up and share what really happened and why she confessed to a murder she did not commit.